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Cast no.37

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Cast no.37


Cypriote votive statue of a woman.
Ca. 525-520 BCE.
Metropolitan Museum of Art.
H 41 inches.
No Metropolitan catalogue cast no.
Cast Location: Robinson B 2nd floor

Archaic Cypriote woman, missing her head and feet. She wears jewelry and her garments are rich with decorative details. She stands in a frontal pose, her left arm by her side and her right arm in front of her chest, holding all that remains of what was probably a lotus flower or a mirror. In her left hand she holds flowers or branches. She wears a ruffle-sleeved chiton, a long kilt, and a robe or himation to just below the breasts. The hems and edges of the sleeves and robe have folds that are Archaic in style. She wears four necklaces: a choker with small beads and a pendant that looks like a flame or an animal's head; a second necklace of larger beads; and the third and fourth with raised acorn pendants and an animal-headed pendant. A long neck-chain with a lyre-shaped pendant from which four signet-ring seals are suspended falls to below her waist. Her fingers are long, the nails crafted with detail. On her right wrist she wears a rope-like bracelet with animal's heads at either end, on the left wrist, a plain bracelet. Apart from a hint of long hair and buttocks, the back of the sculpture is relatively flat and plain. This sculpture was carved at a time when Egyptian rule over Cyprus was about to end. Egyptian influence is evident in the jewelry, pose, long fingers, and the remnants of the lotus flower that she holds as an offering. The figure was found in a temple at Kourion on Cyprus and probably represents a worshipper or priestess of the cult of Hathor (The Great Goddess), to judge from the exquisite execution of her fine garments and opulent jewelry.

~ Lara Ayad

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See Luigi Cesnola, A Descriptive Atlas of the Cesnola Collection of Cypriote Antiquities in the Metropolitan Museum of Art 2 vols. (New York, 1885), pl. XC; Vassos Karageorghis et al., Ancient Art from Cyprus: The Cesnola Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, 2000), 119-122.


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